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August 16, 2010

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This Pintlar Cabin slideshow doesn’t have much to do with Opportunity, per se, but it’s got a lot to do with the opportunity (for which I’m enormously grateful, if anyone’s wondering) to be here. Here is where I’m staying these next several months, in a very comfortable cabin, rented from friends, not far from Georgetown Lake, which is about 21 miles from Opportunity.

The cabin itself was constructed by pouring a concrete basement and topping it with two cabins: one of them a log shack from a now-defunct mining operation; the other, in which I’m writing this, a frame cottage salvaged from Opportunity, Montana.

With the exception of the three shots of  the peak I believe to be Mount Haggin (named for an early investor in the Anaconda Company’s Butte mines), which required walking around back, these are all pictures I’ve taken from the porch. It probably has something to do with the lake and the mountains, but I tend to have pretty dramatic weather out here. The cloud formations are amazing on a daily basis. I had 10 minutes of pea-sized hail last week, at 70 degrees, in August.

It’s a sweet place to sit and think and sip a scotch.

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