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November 18, 2010

I recently had to find a reasonably concise map of the upper Clark Fork watershed to include with my book proposal, something that shows the lay of the land that I’m writing about, and realized that something like that might be useful here, too. The yellow indicates private land, the blue/gray is state land, and the green is federal.

The Clark Fork River flows northwest from its source in Butte’s Silver Bow Creek to Missoula and beyond. Opportunity is identified with an arrow near Anaconda, just below what looks like a lake but is actually a giant mine tailings dump.

For reference, I’m living almost exactly halfway between Anaconda and Philipsburg. I’ve so far canoed the river from Opportunity to Deer Lodge, chronicled in earlier posts. That’s all that’s going to get done this season. It’ll be iced over soon, if it isn’t already, and I’m not sure I can even get my truck down the hill in this snow.

There’s also a star locating the Dry Cottonwood Creek Ranch, which I visited and wrote about earlier, and which is a giveaway that this map was made by the Clark Fork Coalition, which owns the ranch, and from which I adapt this version with acknowledgement and thanks.

I’ll keep it posted over under the RESOURCES tab at right for easy access.

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