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judge a book’s cover

July 18, 2012

Been awhile since I’ve posted, but in the interim I’ve moved from the midwestern idyll of Oberlin, Ohio back to Missoula, Montana, spent a week vacationing with my sister and her kids in Somers, Montana near the northern shores of Flathead Lake, watched Roger Federer’s mind-blowing re-ascension at Wimbledon, settled in to a perfect little new apartment in East Missoula, blown part of my advance on a sweet touring bicycle that I’ve ridden every day since I got it and plan to take cross-country eventually, and received this draft of the cover for Opportunity, Montana.

It’s a draft, and it might get tweaked a bit before it’s finalized, but I think it’s pretty close. The photo was taken by a Missoula photographer who’s become a friend, though I actually hardly know him. His name is Chris Chapman and you can see some of his work—which I like a lot—here.

As for the book that goes behind it, I’m in my last-month home-stretch of revisions before it goes to a copy editor and then to get printed up as a galley proof, which is still a little hard to imagine, but it’s getting closer to the day when imagination won’t be necessary anymore.

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  1. chris chapman permalink
    August 16, 2012 11:04 am

    Looking forward to reading it, Brad! Congrats on being finished. Enjoy that bike! Let’s talk soon about some water that needs paddling.

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